Solutions and other heatset Transfers offer all the advantages of Film, but with vibrant, multi-colour options. Your full-colour logo can be applied in a variety of materials that will pop off the garment for great visability while remaining durable.

Many of today’s professional soccer teams utilize the same materials when adhering their full-colour, high detail logos to a lightweight garment. These logos, and all of their variations can be applied in-house, ensuring competitve pricing and efficient turn-around times for your team!


Solutions: Our solutions material is available in two lightweight and durable forms; Solutions Light and Solutions Colourblock. The combination gives you the best possible results on any garment in any colour.

Sublistop: Our Sublistop material is great for blocking out the vibrant colours of a uniform, to insure your logo stays true-to-form, while maintaining the high detail and allowing stretch.

Flock: Our flock solutions material gives your logo that jump-off-the-garment power by combining the high detail of a traditional solutions logo with the depth and texture of flock.

3D Flock: Our 3D Flock material will give your logo the kind of pop you’d expect from a professional sports team. Flock combined with the 3D shine gives the design an element of depth unmatched in the industry. You truly need to see it to believe it!


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